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Sour Sweets

Are you looking for sour sweets to give you a bit of a zing that curls your toes and puckers your lips? Or perhaps, you’re looking for pink sweets with a more candied feeling and taste to enjoy? No matter what it is Celebrating’s enormous range of confectionary is bound to have the perfect candy to suit your tastes.

Pink sweets are sweets with a twist. There rich and passionate pink can be a sweet and sometimes romantic gesture to enjoy. They’re the perfect complimentary gift to give during Valentine’s Day or another occasion to make your significant other feel special. Even if you’re not in the romantic mood, you can never go wrong with pink sweets, because at the end of the day, they always taste delicious.

Our huge selection of pink sweets ranges from lollipops, marshmallows, bon bons, choc balls and hearts, jelly beans, gummi bears and much more as well. These are the perfect sweets to share with family, friends and loved ones. These pink sweets are also the perfect decoration to theme a girl’s birthday party too, with an array of pink sweets that’ll capture the attention of any birthday girl.

Celebrating’s range sour sweets are just as extensive as our pink sweets. These treats are the perfect way to enjoy the best of both worlds. With a sour sugar that compliments the sweetness of the candy itself, you can enjoy a sharp taste without feeling as if your tastebuds are burning at all. If anything these sour sweets such as sour worms, apples, fizzers, colas, belts, skittles and patch kids are an addicting treat that’s perfect for any occasion. There’s a reason why sour sweets are so popular amongst kids.

If you’re looking for the perfect sweets to celebrate your party or occasion, we invite you to contact us online, or even better yet, meet us in person at our Sydney store. We are committed to providing helpful suggestions and ideas so that our customers can organise the best event possible.

Due to the bulk amount of confectionary we have on hand, we are able to sell wholesale amounts of candy at discounted prices that are much more affordable when compared to the marked up prices that all retail stores have. Once you’ve purchased with us, Celebrating offers fast shipping nationally in Australia that you can rely on with ease.

For the perfect balance of candy for any occasion, enjoy our selection of pink sweets and sour sweets today!