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Ready Made Buttercream Icing

Ready-made buttercream icing is an incredibly easy and versatile product for cake decorating. Whether you want to cover your cake in frosting, ice it in different colours or draw pictures and write messages on the top (or any combination/variation of these), Celebrating has everything you need!

Buttercream icing comes in a huge variety of colours, and is suitable for both frosting and icing. To use it as frosting, simply beat the pre-made icing gently, to fluff it up a bit, and then lather the buttercream over your cake. This is commonly used on wedding cakes and any red velvet cake, although there is no reason you can’t use frosting on whatever kind of cake you like.

If you spread the icing more firmly, or roll it first, you can made a harder, shinier icing like a Christmas cake icing! This can be used in a number of colours if you like, and is very handy if you want to add extra decorations on top.

If you want to make your cake fit into a theme, or just do a special decoration, ready-made buttercream icing is your best friend. The variety of colours you can get make it very easy to turn the cake into any kind of animal or plant, or you can make it look like a rock or the ocean.

If you’re child loves big cats, you might bake the cake into a cat shape, for example. After you’ve made the shape you can fluff up some orange and black icing to make tiger stripes, or use a combination of orange frosting and icing to make a lion complete with a fluffy mane!

Celebrating also offers ready-made buttercream icing in tubes to make it easy to write or draw on your cake! These also come in different colours, and are great for personalising a cake for adults. An anniversary cake, for example, could have white icing or frosting with red or pink hearts over the top, with the couples names written as well.

There really is no limit to the decorations you can make with buttercream icing! You can use it on any kind of cake, from a birthday chocolate mud through to a Christmas or wedding cake, and it will only ever enhance the flavour and appearance of the cake!

Celebrating stocks all the ready-made buttercream icing you could ever want or need, whether you want big tubs so that you can spread icing all over the cake or small tubes for adding some text or pictures! Have a browse of the options available, and you’ll be sure to come up with some great decorating ideas of your own!