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Bakels Premium Red Velvet Cake Mix 3kg


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Bakels Premium Red Velvet Cake Mix 3kg – A lovely dense red velvet cake mix made in Australia. This mix is very dark and has a tinge of red through it.
We found it lovely paired with a buttercream or cream cheese frosting. Ensure your oven is not too high when cooking it:
500 grams of mix will make approximately 18 cupcakes or a 7 inch round cake (2 inches high)
3 med eggs (approx 50g each)
500g Red Velvet Cake Mix
80 mls water
70mls Vegetable oil
To Use:
1. blend eggs, water, cake mix on low speed for 1 minute.
2. Scrape down.
3. Commence blending on second speed for 2 minutes whilst adding vegetable oil.
4.. Mix for a total of 2 minutes. Do not over mix.

Bake at 160 degrees (slightly lower for a fan forced). Bake you cake for 35 minutes or cupcakes for approximately 20-25 minutes. Cake just spring back when pushed on top – use the skewer test to make sure it has cooked through.

(if you are wanting a denser cake, more like a mud, use 2 eggs and 140mls water)
Ingredients: Sugar, Wheat Flour (Thiamine Folate), Cocoa Powder, Vegetable oil (antioxidant (307)), Vegetable Fat (vegetable oil, emulsifiers (471, 477), antioxidant (320), Maltodextrin, potato flour, milk solids, salt, raising agents (341, 450, 500), natural flavour, colour (120), vegetable gum (415), egg.
Contains: soy, sesame, sulphates and tree nuts.


A red velvet cake is a deliciously decadent variant on a chocolate cake that leaves everyone who tastes it desperate for more! These cakes are perfect for romantic occasions like Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, and some people also like to whip them out at Christmas!

Making a red velvet cake can be difficult, because it’s hard to get the ratios right in the mix (especially the dye) – but you can easily get around that by buying a red velvet cake mix! The pre-made mix will have everything measured out for you already, so all you need to do is add oil, water and eggs, then beat and bake!

You can also use this mix to make cupcakes, which can be easier if you want to give the cakes out. The only difference (apart from the baking tray) is that cupcakes don’t take as long to bake. You can also easily vary the density of the cake by changing how many eggs and how much oil and water you add to the red velvet cake mix!

At Celebrating we stock red velvet cake mix coming in a range of sizes, from one kilogram of mix all the way up to fifteen (if you make large cakes frequently). These cakes are very versatile and perfect for any occasion – simply change up the icing and decoration to make them work for everything from an anniversary to Easter!

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Dimensions 25 x 20 mm


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