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4″ Silver Square Cardboard Cake Boards



4″ Silver Square Cardboard Cake Boards – These cardboard cake boards are ideal for your cake decorating solutions. They are lightweight and a great bargain price. The cardboard cake board is 2mm thick with a beautiful silver shiny finish to it.



Square cake boards are perfect for both carrying cakes and for providing an extra level of decoration. A nice board under the cake can offset the colour of the icing, or the cake if you don’t have icing, as well as providing an easy way to carry it around and even something convenient to cut it on!

Square cake boards can be used with square or round cakes and still look great, and they can also add to an event theme! A black board, for example, is effective for a gangster party, while gold is good for a casino theme.

At Celebrating we have square cake boards ranging in size from 3 inches to 20 in gold and silver, and from 5 to 20 inches in black and white. These four colour options give you a board to go with any cake and icing colour, so that you know your cake will look delicious.

We can also offer masonite cake boards in all four colours from 5-20 inches. These boards will take the weight of any cake, even a dense and heavy Christmas pudding! This means that you can carry the centrepiece of the party around without fear, knowing that your cake is safe from an unexpected fall and also that you already have a board to cut on!