Cinderela Princess Wand Favour
Cinderella Princess ...

Make some magic happen with these 12 Cinderella wand favours.

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Cinderella Paper Tiaras
Cinderella Paper Tia...

Look like princesses with this pack of 8 beautiful Cinderella tiaras.

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Cinderella Tablecover
Cinderella Tablecove...

This tablecover is perfect for decorating your Cinderella themed kids party and fits most tables.

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Cinderella 7"/17cm Square Plates
Cinderella 7″/...

These Cinderella themed 17cm square plates are a great size for serving snacks on, or check out our matching dinner plates if you’re going for lunch or dinner food. Pack of 8.

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Cinderella Pinata
Cinderella Pinata

Everyone loves a pinata, and this Cinderella pinata is no exception! Have a whack at this and you never know what you’ll find inside! Note: you will need to fill your pinata with treats yourself, and you can find themed … Read More

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Cinderella Mega Mix Value Favour Pack
Cinderella Mega Mix ...

Kick off the party with this massive pack of Cinderella goodies the kids will love! Contains 8 wands, 8 jewel rings, 8 jewelled hair clips, 8 mini prism viewers, 8 bracelets and 8 ball tickets. 48 pcs total.

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Cinderella Folded Loot Bags
Cinderella Folded Lo...

Give the kids something fun to take home inside these matching Cinderella loot bags. Pack of 8.

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Cinderella 12"/30.4cm Latex Balloons
Cinderella 12″...

Decorate your party with Cinderella balloons to make it pop! (the party, not the balloons)

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Cinderella Postcard Invitations
Cinderella Postcard ...

Get the party started with a pack of 8 Cinderella postcard invitations.

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Cinderella 9"/23cm Square Plate
Cinderella 9″/...

These Cinderella themed 23cm square plates are a great size for serving lunch or dinner on, or check out our matching snack plates if you’re going for snacks or finger food. Pack of 8.

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Cinderella 9oz/266ml Cup
Cinderella 9oz/266ml...

Serve your drinks in these 266ml drinking cups at your Cinderella party for a bit of added fun! Pack of 8.

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Cinderella Value Confetti 1.2oz/34g
Cinderella Value Con...

Sprinkle some fun around with Cinderella confetti! This pack comes with 34g of confetti.

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Cinderella Birthday Candle Set
Cinderella Birthday ...

Celebrate in style with a set of 4 fun Cinderella candles. Perfect for any cake!

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Cinderella Blowouts
Cinderella Blowouts

Kids love making noise! They’ll have a blast with this pack of 8 fun Cinderella blowouts, ideal as party favours for loot bags.

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Cinderella Jumbo Add-An-Age Letter Banner
Cinderella Jumbo Add...

This 3.2m banner is perfect to hang across a room at your Cinderella party.

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