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Cake Toppers

Cake toppers are an easy way to decorate your cake, whether it’s for a birthday, an anniversary or a wedding! No matter what kind of cake you have, a topper can help it to fit into a theme or just add a touch of personalisation.

For birthday parties, number toppers on the cake are an easy way to have the new age of the birthday boy or girl on the cake. The number toppers are reusable and very versatile too – if you get two sets of numbers from 0-9, you have the right number cake toppers for every birthday in your family up until someone turns 100!

Cake toppers for weddings are a must, of course. You can get the classic bride and groom standing next to each other to go on top of your wedding cake, or you can be a little unusual and get letters to spell out the couple’s names! Either way, cake toppers for weddings are essential and can be saved forever by the happy couple.

In addition to the staples, at Celebrating you can also get cake toppers in a Disney theme for the kids! So whether you want cake toppers for a wedding, number toppers for a birthday party or any other kind of cake topper decoration, Celebrating stocks what you need!

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