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Cake Mixes

To make a delicious treat that will cap off any event, you will need cake mix! Cakes and parties go together no matter what age you are, and a well-made cake will be the perfect end to your day (or evening) of fun!

While buying a cake from a bakery can feel a bit impersonal if you’re throwing someone a party, making cakes from scratch (particularly tricky ones like a sponge) is a lot of work, and if you’re throwing a party you have other things to do as well. Cake mix manages to get the best of both worlds, as you get to cook the cake for the party but it doesn’t take all day!

Celebrating stocks cake mixes of various sizes, ranging from 1 kg for small cakes all the way to 15 kg for if you need to feed an army! We also have numerous varieties of cake mix, so that you can make sponges, lamingtons, mud cake and red velvet cake, along with numerous other cake and muffin mixes.

Because cake mix perfectly straddles the line between making the cake yourself and picking something up from a bakery, it is perfect for birthday parties and other events where you want to have a personal touch in the cake, but also have a lot of setting up and organising to do!