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Cake Boards Cardboard

A stylish cake board can be fantastic decoration for your cake, whatever the occasion, while you’ll need a good cardboard cake box to make sure your cake can be transported without damage. Celebrating has both, with plenty of options, to make sure that your cake looks its best whether it’s for a wedding or a themed birthday party!

Cake boards should be picked after you know which cake you want, so that your board will suit your cake and make the centrepiece of the event look even nicer! At Celebrating we have boards in a huge range of colours and styles, to make sure that any kind of cake will look absolutely delicious!

If you have a theme you can even find a cake board to suit it! We have boards that are designed to look like grass, for cakes that are meant to represent an animal, and others that appear marbled. We can also provide different shapes, with the most common being round or square.

A nice cardboard cake box can make the cake (or cakes) inside it look even nicer. This is particularly useful if you are giving a gift, for example muffins, as the decoration really shows that you care. As well as decoration, cardboard cake boxes are also very handy for keeping your cake together until it’s time to unveil it!

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