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Buttercream Icing

After you’ve baked your cake, the next step is the decoration. If your party is themed, the right decoration on the outside can help the cake to match the theme, or you can just write a message or draw a picture! If the cake is for a kid’s party, the decoration is especially important – and that’s where buttercream icing comes in!

Buttercream is a very easy and delicious icing that you can get in a variety of colours and flavours! If you want your cake to fit a theme (for example, mermaid) you can get coloured (in this case blue) vanilla flavoured buttercream to use as frosting for the cake so that any type of cake can fit in with the party!

Given that buttercream is versatile enough to use as icing and frosting, it’s a must-have for the pantry of anyone who makes deserts! You can make your buttercream thick and fluffy to coat your cake in frosting, or it can be thin and shiny to purely use as icing – and you can write and draw on your cake with it!

At Celebrating you can get a variety of colours of vanilla buttercream frosting and icing, as well as chocolate buttercream icing. You’ll be able to decorate any cake with this mix, from writing birthday messages with icing to (for the very ambitious) frosting a wedding cake in vanilla buttercream and then writing messages on top!