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Gourmet Jelly Beans

The ultimate experience in taste and favour, our gourmet jelly bean package is a discovery of the most delightful and delicious jelly beans. It’s an assortment of the most wild, beloved and plain weird jelly beans over the past decades for you to enjoy.

Invented in the late 19th century, jelly beans are manufactured by heating liquid sugar with a range of as many ingredients as you can think of. These jelly beans are our small bean-shaped sugar candies. Each jelly bean is special with soft candy shells flavoured differently, that are also encased by thick gel interiors.

Over the past century and more, jelly beans have been refined in their recipe, but most importantly, their flavours have been expanded and developed in almost every direction possible, experimenting with what seems natural and what seems impossible.

Perhaps the most transformed of all confectionary, the long history of jelly bean research and development has culminated in our special gourmet jelly beans which are available on sale to all over our customers.

Our different packages of gourmet jelly beans each contain distinct and delectable flavours for everyone to enjoy. They are the largest collection of flavours available on the planet, and should be enjoyed by appreciating each jelly bean slowly, one by one.

Due to the unique nature of gourmet jelly beans, flavours are not limited to but include apple pie ice cream, cappuccino, cherry cola, toasted marshmallow, and mint chip ice cream. These are just a few examples of the distinct flavours available that can be enjoyed.

This is what makes our gourmet jelly beans so different yet popular compared to many of our other confectionary. More than anything this is an adventure and experience that explores different flavours whilst having fun at the same time. This is one of our favourites among children, and it should be easy to understand why.

As a wholesaler, Celebrating offers confectionary and other party supplies at discounted prices compared to the standard retail sellers. Once you’ve purchased with us, we offer national shipping in Australia at hasty speed.

For one way to spruce up an event or function you may have in mind, our gourmet jelly beans are the perfect confectionary for the job. Talk to our friendly staff online or in person at our Sydney store for more information today!