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Everlasting Gobstopper

Celebrating’s wide range of confectionaries extends to the infamous gobstopper – candies layered in sweetness that can excite both adults and kids for weeks. These uncommon candies are a hit with everyone, and are a great way to bring in some buzz to any party!

Extremely popular among schoolchildren in the UK for 80 years, gobstoppers have long been one of the reigning confectionaries. Also known as jawbreakers in the US, these candies are manufactured by slowly forming and turning layers of sugar to create a large condensed ball. Due to their extremely thick and dense nature, gobstoppers have to be licked or sucked which also means they can last from days to weeks. This is one of the reasons they are so beloved amongst kids.

Although gobstoppers were originally sold by traditional candy shops, we also sell the most popular brands and variants of gobstoppers. Of the gobstoppers currently sold, most are conventionally small and suited to be sucked or licked within a day.

At Celebrating, we also stock much more unique and special variants such as the giant gobstoppers. If you’ve ever wanted a gobstopper such as the ones you see on television that will test your stamina, our giant gobstoppers are big enough to last weeks. In our stock we also have the rare and sought after everlasting gobstoppers that were inspired from the famous Willy Wonka franchise. These gobstoppers are larger than the standard gobstopper and are made to last. If you’re interested in whether everlasting gobstoppers truly do last forever, there’s only one way to find out!

If you’re looking for any more detailed information regarding gobstoppers or any of other confectionary, contact us online today or visit our Sydney store and speak one-to-one with one of our friendly candy specialists. We take pride in our excellent customer service and are committed to helping you organise the best event or function possible.

As we maintain an extremely large stock of candies on hand, we sell our confectionary to the public at discounted prices compared to the marked up prices of other retail stores. After purchasing any of our products, we also offer national shipping anywhere in Australia at reliably quick rates.

If you’d like a gobstopper for your special occasion, browse our massive range of confectionary online or visit us at our store in Sydney today!